Travel Thursday: Ghost Rock, Utah

Today's Travel Thursday photo is of Ghost Rock in Utah, taken in August 2007.

Today’s Travel Thursday photo is of Ghost Rock in Utah, taken in August 2007.

That year, my best friend and undertook a massive road trip – 18 states in 13 days. Somewhere around day 4 (or was it 5?) we crossed the Colorado border into Utah on I-70.

About 2 hours into our drive, we pulled over into a scenic parking area. The information signs said it was Ghost Rock Summit, which also overlooked the Little Grand Canyon of the San Rafael River.

Legend has it a cowboy on a foggy morning saw the top of the pinnacle protruding from a bed of fog, thought it appeared ghostly, and dubbed it “Ghost Rock.”

I remember taking about 20-25 photos from this stop, and the photo above is the one I liked best. We were so tired from driving, but seeing this beautiful blast of nature reminded us why we were doing this trip.




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