This is the spot where I’d tell you more about me.

I make my living writing, though I was on a bit of a hiatus while I was  dealing with cancer, and subsequently beating it.

I run CitySurfing Orlando, a blog about Orlando, Florida, and I am very PR-friendly. I often review items at this blog and do write-ups for my readers. I also house my travel writing here (unless I freelance out an article). I am also a Huffington Post contributor, and part of the team over at The Disney Blog.

What else? I love traveling, especially road trips. I prefer seeing a live band vs. a noisy dance club. I love gadgets and other electronic items. I’m a life-long geek. Seriously…the end speech of Revenge of the Nerds makes me cry every time. But then so does the ending of The Color Purple, and any video showing puppies being reunited with their families.

I was born in Wisconsin, but moved with my mom to British Columbia (that would be in Canada for the map challenged) when I was four. We bounced around the province until we moved back to Wisconsin at age 9. I graduated from Baraboo Sr. High (go T-Birds!) in 1985. Yes, I’m that old. I’ve lived in Florida since 1995, but I still revert back to my Wisconsin roots every now and then. I’ve traveled quite a bit, but not as much as I plan to.

Family-wise, I lost my mom in 2005 to cancer, my dad the following year, also to cancer, and then my beloved maternal gramma in 2007 at Christmas, so I no longer have any super close family. I do have two three brothers via my dad. We’re still getting to know each other, but I think they’re all pretty groovy. I also have a best friend, Jim, whom I consider to be like my brother – we joke we’re evil twins. He helped me get through high school, and for that I’ll always be grateful. I have another high school friend, Carol, who has been like a sister to me, as well.  My roommate Rhonda is also like a sister to me – we’ve known each other almost 30 years. I have no children, by choice, but I’m an awesome crazy aunt.

I dunno – I’m really bad at self-bios. I’ll do a proper “100 things”-type bio in the near future, I promise. You can also check out my wish-list of travel destinations.

Until then, thanks for visiting my blog. You can also keep up with me by clicking any of the social media icons to the right.

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