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It’s Been 10 Years Mom, And I Still Miss You

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of the day my mom passed away: March 4, 2005. She was taken at age… Continue reading »

So My Best Friend Lost Her Toe

Just when I thought life was turning around, a whole new pile of shit gets dumped at my doorstep. My… Continue reading »

Remembering Gramma on Her Birthday

If she were still alive, today would have been my gramma’s 87th birthday. I just found this photo of her… Continue reading »

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!

A little over seven years ago, I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer. But had she won her battle with… Continue reading »

Farewell, My Little One

Almost three weeks ago, on May 4, I had intended to do my annual post of rememberence for my mother… Continue reading »

Dear Gramma

Dear Gramma, It was four years ago at 11pm when I got the phone call you were gone. I hadn’t… Continue reading »

For My Gramma on What Would’ve Been Her 86th Birthday

In your life, there are certain people who influence you. I’m lucky that two of my biggest influences were my… Continue reading »

my coat of many colors

This weekend, Rhon was going through some boxes in the outside closet and ran across some of my old clothes…. Continue reading »

Happy Birthday Scott!

This is hard to explain, but even though I grew up an only child, I do have three brothers courtesy… Continue reading »

i miss you mom

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my mom’s passing. Normally I do a huge tribute to her, but this year… Continue reading »

leeshka has a new bobo

Anybody remember those ads where the little weiner dog has a toy Bobo and the mommy has to take it… Continue reading »

a chock-full september

Well, here we sit at the beginning of September. I can’t believe the summer is gone – I feel like… Continue reading »

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Ok, I know he hates the attention, but I have to give a shoutout to my bestest bud Jeff for… Continue reading »