Monthly Archives: April 2008

some random late night queries…

1] Why is it the cable always goes out five minutes before the movie I’ve waited for all week starts?… Continue reading »

it’s been three long years…

It was early this morning when the song popped in my head… “Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak… Continue reading »

give until your fingers hurt..

One nice thing about the internet is it offers opportunities to help others, even if you don’t have the money… Continue reading »

returning to normal…somewhat

Well, I finally fixed the old layout to bring it back online. I just wasn’t digging all the orange on… Continue reading »

damn paparazzi…

I knew sooner or later they’d get me: If you want your own cover, visit Beware, most of the… Continue reading »

things I’ve learned in the recent move

Well, all of gram’s stuff is now out of the apt. Still need to deal with the black hole of… Continue reading »