some random late night queries…

1] Why is it the cable always goes out five minutes before the movie I’ve waited for all week starts?

2] Why do the cats always wait until 5 or 6 am to play tag?

3] And why am I always home base?

4] When accepting Facebook requests for things like stickers and hugs, do they multiply like amoeba when you accept them? I started with 125, got down to 98 and now I’m at 137. All in the space of four hours. WTF?

5] Why do people assume that those of us who earn a living with the computer are just wasting time goofing off on it?

6] Had a guy complain to me that he thought the full frontal male nudity in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” shouldn’t have been allowed in a R-rated film — but full frontal female is always ok. Is a nude penis somehow more “R”-rated than a nude vagina? Or does it just make him uncomfortable to have to look at another man’s penis?

7] Can you imagine if we had to greet each other like dogs do…by sniffing each other’s butts?

8] Why do people care who Tila Tequila dates?

9] Speaking of R-rated movies, why do parents think it’s ok to bring their young and pre-teen kids to see them? Does any 8 year old need to see Hostel or Knocked Up?

Feel free to answer any of those or post some random queries of your own…

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  1. Eric May 11, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    I can’t agree more than what you’ve said