things I’ve learned in the recent move

Well, all of gram’s stuff is now out of the apt. Still need to deal with the black hole of a garage, but I needed a day to rest. I was awake from Wednesday through last night at 9pm, living off of Mountain Dew and Full Throttle. And while it is possible to exist for six days with only 10 min sleep here and there, it’s not really recommended.

But I have learned a few things…

  1. Gramma could pack like it was a black hole. One closet yielded seven big plastic tubs and nine bags of clothes. Don’t even talk to me about the china cabinet which took eleven boxes and six hours to pack.
  2. I never ever want to see a Jesus statue or a crock pot ever again in my life. How many do you really need anyways?
  3. Said Mountain Dew/Full Throttle diet is not very digestive system friendly. But it will keep you very regular.
  4. It is possible to live off one slice of pizza a day.
  5. Going offline for four days yields me over 9000 emails, not counting spam. Must stop signing up for mailing lists and discussion forums.
  6. When installing a new layout, it is a good idea to test the comments. So yes, if you comment, I do see them in my WP admin area but they just don’t show up on the site. Will fix soon.
  7. My cellphone will survive numerous box hits, drops and even a swim in mud.
  8. My laptop, however, will retaliate against a move by shortening the battery life, forcing me to do a panicked search for the power cord amongst four boxes all labeled “Michelle – Office”.
  9. When one reaches the breaking point, humor can pull you back from the edge. Barely.
  10. That I really need to get some more sleep as I still have plenty of work to do and it’s easier when I’m not operating at “zombie” level.

Thanks to all who are clicking my article links to the right. I have a feeling taking care of the garage is going to take hiring a dumpster, which is pretty pricey around here.

Thanks for all of your emails, comments and calls of support, too.

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