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Howdy all!  I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’m actually nursing a broken finger, so it’s hard to type. I was trying to pull a full size washer onto a pickup and got it trapped when the washer fell forward against the metal truck side. Considering one of the fingers got ripped off the glove trying to get my actual finger out, I guess I should be thankful it’s only broken.

I’m also recuperating from finishing up sorting through the hell known as gramma’s garage. I mean, in one sense, it’s cool to find all these old memories from when I was a kid – especially since I have a hard time remembering those years from the car accident. But really, does anyone need to save broken chairs or 10 years of Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes letters??  Big kudos to Chris and Kurt for helping out in the final days when I was really ready to just torch the whole building to get rid of it all. LOL

Anyways, I should be on the road back to Orlando next week. I’m getting the car looked at tomorrow to make sure it’s roadworthy for such a long journey and then I just need to find time to get online to plan my itinerary. I’m staying with my friend Becky, so I have to drive 10 miles into town to use the free wifi at Culvers. Good excuse to have a custard, but they don’t like you sitting there for hours on end.

I also caught the flu that’s been going around. It’s almost gone but insists on hanging on to my lungs for a few days longer. I’m thinking all my allergies to pollen, dust and pet dander aren’t helping either.

I intend to take lots of photos on the upcoming road trip back home. Well, as much as I can whilst driving, since I’m hoping to make it back in two or three days max. I’m really happy that my cell takes 3mp pix so I don’t have to always drag out my big digicamera. It makes the impromptu shots a lot easier to grab.

Hope spring is going well for y’all. I’m just so freakin’ happy the snow season is done up here. I never want to see that stuff again. LOL


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  1. Niki May 16, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Man, I just realized I hadn’t been by here in forever! Gods, I suck.
    You know, in a lot of ways I miss winter? But then in others, not so much. The winter here has been a bit chilly, and I’m quite glad it’s over. Thankfully the spring has been really rainy – completely opposite of last year!
    I’m glad to hear you made it through the cleanout process – that’s such a tough thing to get through, esp. if someone is a packrat – I pity whoever needs to do my cleanout (probably my niece) because I’m a horrible packrat, I cannot get rid of anything. I’m glad you had some help but damn! I’m sorry you broke your finger.
    Hope you have a very safe trip home. I bet you’ll be overjoyed to get back.