Monthly Archives: August 2008

when kittens attack…

Ok, how freakin’ cute is this video? I love that he keeps popping back under the blanket. LOLĀ  Big bad… Continue reading »

my top ten movie songs

My friend Jeff did a post yesterday about his top ten favorite movie songs – you know, the main theme… Continue reading »

as a writer this pisses me off…

So I get this message in my Facebook mailbox about a new application that I can add to my profile…. Continue reading »

i gotta read?

“Hey, I’m looking for self-help books on retraining your mind to be more successful and more focused,” says the late-20s… Continue reading »

paris hilton spoofs mccain ad

So last week, John McCain compared his opponent, Obama, to the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Well, it… Continue reading »

was it a full moon yesterday?

Yesterday was a short shift at the store and it started normal enough. We had more traffic than normal because… Continue reading »