Monthly Archives: September 2008

stop the movie remake madness!

Recent years have seen many classic movies “remade” or reimagined” – the whole idea is nothing new, as Hollywood seems… Continue reading »

spending the weekend with bloggers

So this weekend, Jilly, Dan and I attended IZEAFest, a blogger conference downtown at the Grand Bohemian hotel. I think… Continue reading »

it was seven years ago today…

Seven years ago today, I woke up for work, like any other day. I turned on the TV to the… Continue reading »

the 80s called…they want their beta back

We get a lot of questionable stuff to sell in the store, but I really think this tops everything. A… Continue reading »

a chock-full september

Well, here we sit at the beginning of September. I can’t believe the summer is gone – I feel like… Continue reading »