a chock-full september

Well, here we sit at the beginning of September. I can’t believe the summer is gone – I feel like all I’ve done is work the past few months. If I’m not writing or doing design, I’m working that part-time store job, which some weeks has been almost 30 hrs.

But this month I’ve got a few things happening that should make time a little more fun. Jilly and Dan are flying cross-country today to join me at IZEAFest this weekend. You may have seen the link in my sidebar for a while. IZEAFest is a 3 day blogger conference with panels on everything from how to blog to making money off your blog, and it’s bringing in a multitude of speakers, including people like John Chow, who makes over $30,000 a month off his blog. Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?? And for the three days of the conference, tickets are only $65, which I think is a good investment. I think tickets are still available if you want to join us.

Dan is only here for 10 days and I’m sure he’ll be wanting to hang with his sister, whom he & Jilly are staying with, but it’ll be good to finally meet him in person.  And I’m super excited about seeing Jilly again. We talk weekly either by IM or phone, but we haven’t seen each other in person for almost two years. I think Thurs the 3 of us plus Rhon will be going to WDW for the day. He’s never been to any of the parks, according to Jilly, so we’ll probably do a few hours at each so he can get a good overview of the whole Disneyworld experience.

Then after he leaves, Jilly will be surfing at our apt for another 10 days or so. I know we’re doing BlogOrlando (another blogger conference here in town) along with a day at Epcot for the Food & Wine Fest. We’re also going to have a chance to talk about some business ideas we’ve been kicking around to see what may work and such.

I also took the day off for my birthday. Don’t really have anything planned, but I just hate working on that day. It feels like I’m setting a precedent for the next year, you know. LOL  Plus it’s a Tues, so what trouble can I really get into?

Hmm… I sense a possible challenge there…

I’m hoping Cindy and Chantal might have a free day this month to meet Jilly. I think they’d all like each other. Too bad Cindy’s husband Jeff is off saving Iowa – he and Jilly have known each other online but never met in person. But maybe sometime when the world starts spinning a little slower, the 4 of us (J&C and R&me) can head out for the extended Vegas weekend we keep talking about and then J&D can come up to meet us, since they only live 2 hrs away. Perhaps even Jim & Julie can fly down to Vegas, too. Granted, Rhon and I will be the only “non-couple”, but I’m sure that won’t stop the 8 of us from having way too much fun in Vegas. LOL I’d say Beck & Kurt, too, but they’ve got the kids and I hate when people bring kids to Vegas.

Anyways, I’m hoping to get caught up on my writing with some of the extra days I’ve taken off. I’ve already made a good start. Here are some of my recent articles posted:

Since I get paid for every article view, I’m hoping to get more articles up so I can make enough to start paying more towards my gramma’s funeral bill. The sooner I can do that the better since the interest is like $80 a month alone.

So, I hate to beg, but if you have a few minutes to visit any links that are of interest, it’d be very much appreciated!

I also found some old photos dating back to 2003 on my old desktop, which Rhon now uses. I had to fix a problem on it and thought, “hey, wonder what I still have on here.”  I’ve uploaded some from Epcot’s Living Seas (including some cool jellyfish and seahorse pix) and a bunch from 2003’s Star Wars Weekends at Disneyworld (I believe it was the last year that Anthony Daniels, who plays C3PO, ever attended) to my Flickr account.

Keep in mind they were taken with a crappy point-and-shoot digital, which was my first digital camera, but I still think they’re kinda cool. Here are a few of my faves from both sets:

2003 Star Wars Weekends : Walt Disney World : Anthony Daniels 2003 Star Wars Weekends : Walt Disney World : Billy Dee Williams

2003 Star Wars Weekends : Walt Disney World : Chewbacca Dancing 2003 Star Wars Weekends : Walt Disney World : The Emperor Living Seas : Seahorse : Epcot

Living Seas : Jellyfish : Epcot Living Seas : Starfish : Epcot

What else… Oh I watched the premiere of that new HBO series “True Blood” based on the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels. I think it really should have been a longer episode – way too many characters to throw into an hour of introduction – but overall I think this may turn into one of my favorites of the new TV season. Also watched the season opener of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” – kinda cool seeing Summer as a badass again. Hopefully the show won’t suffer a sophomore slump like “Heroes” did last year. If you saw either, what did you think?

In the next few weeks, I’m gonna try to post more regularly to this blog, esp. as I show Jilly around town. But don’t forget you can always follow my Friendfeed or Twitter to keep up with my various writings and short musings in between.

ZG over and out…

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  1. jilly September 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    I had fun with you in Orlando and loved getting caught in the rain with you guys in Japan. (We’ll always have Japan…”)

    Cool Anthony Daniels photo…and the jelly…

    I am not thrilled with the new eps of Heroes or SCC. We will see. I have little faith in anything but Joss and BSG at this point.

    In good new, this season’s new Biggest Loser started and that makes me happy.