stop the movie remake madness!

Recent years have seen many classic movies “remade” or reimagined” – the whole idea is nothing new, as Hollywood seems less and less capable of taking chances on original script ideas. But it seems that the frequency of these remakes being green-lit is increasing and now they’re treading into dangerous areas. I am, of course, referring to the movies that are just such cult classics you wonder how and why anyone would want to redo them.

Now there comes word that one of my all-time favorite films is now in the process of getting this redo treatment and it greatly disturbs me.

That movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

What makes it so disturbing is not just that somebody would dare to remake it, but that the people behind this atrocity are none other than MTV Films. Lou Adler, executive producer of the 1975 original, is actually rumored to involved, too.


Look, MTV, I know you’ve had great success airing the heavily edited version of the original every year for Halloween on sister network VH1.  But this “it’s not a remake but a reimagining” of the classic just isn’t sitting well with me. The beauty of the original is its imperfections – I don’t need a glossy, pretty-cast remake/redo/reimagining of it. I love it as is.

Thankfully, Richard O’Brien, the writer and star of the 1975 cult classic, has not given his blessing to this madness, but one has to wonder if there’s enough money that he could say yes.

I’m crossing my fingers hoping this all falls through, but to quote Han Solo, “I got a bad feeling about this.”

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  1. akeorlando September 29, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    You are kidding me! I really don’t care for the original, but seriously…don’t mess with a classic!

  2. jilly September 29, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    Ugh. Please make it stop. No More Remakes (that should be on a pin).