Monthly Archives: October 2008

risky business indeed

Just saw this commercial for the new Guitar Hero World Tour game and I loved it. It’s a parody of… Continue reading »

core values worth adapting

Today I decided to clear up my Twitter backlog of people who’ve recently linked to my T-feed. You know, visit… Continue reading »

This may slow me down a bit

Well, thanks to getting my hand smashed between two tables at the store, I’m now sporting some new arm bling…… Continue reading »

my soul asylum video shoot…

The year was 1989. I was living in Wisconsin and working in one of those tourist recording studio places in… Continue reading »

sister hazel @ epcot

Tuesday night Rhonda and I went to Epcot. We were gonna try to catch some of the Food & Wine… Continue reading »

The Fuel My Blog Friday Five

Just a quick meme courtesy of Fuel My Blog: Who (in your opinion) were/are the best… Frank Sinatra or Elvis… Continue reading »

only thing better than cheese…

… is Happy Cheese!! |: found in the cheese case at my local Whole Foods.

james gunn’s pg-porn

Imagine all the really bad acting of porn with none of the sex scenes to distract you. Writer-director James Gunn… Continue reading »

posts and photos

Just a quick post linking to some recent articles I’ve done that are now online for your reading pleasure: At… Continue reading »