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twitter graphic courtesy of Siah DesignThe last few days I’ve been under an influx of Twitter followers, which surprised me since I normally only get one or two a day. Then I found out the reason: Merrill @Voyageek was kind enough to include me in a post entitled “Top 50 Travel Twitterers You Should Follow.”

To say I’m honored is an understatement, especially with the company I’m keeping on the list.

But I’m sure many Twitter folks are following the link here and thinking, “hmm…not a lot of travel stuff here.”  So, here’s the info you might like to know…

This site (zengrrl.com) is my personal blog. As such, it’s an amalgamation of everything going on in my life, not just travel.  But I do blog about travel at several other sites, most notably Budget Travel @ Suite101, Why Go? Las Vegas (formerly Las Vegas Logue), Orlando Metblogs (aka Metroblogging Orlando) and Crestline Living.  I’m also in the process of working out a few other blogging deals and will post the links when I’m fully on board.

I thank everyone who has followed me on Twitter and I’m trying to get through the list of new followers to visit all of your pages. 🙂  I do blog here often with links to certain stories, as well as posting them on Twitter. I also have a Friendfeed account that keeps track of all of my writing links, as well as my Flickr feed.

I hope you’ll enjoy my writings enough to keep reading. 🙂

And thanks again Merrill!

|: twitter graphic courtesy of Siah Design

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I'm Michelle Snow, the writer and creator of Zengrrl. I write about travel, entertainment, women's issues, health, body positivity, and more, both for this blog and freelance. I have also authored/co-authored four guidebooks on Orlando and Florida. If you aren't already following me, the links are below, as well as on the top right of this page. Thanks!

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  1. Merrill December 1, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Hi Michelle, I, m glad you got some new followers from being in the list. Keep writing good stuff 🙂