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the importance of proofreading

Rhon and I were out and about running errands on Monday when I happened to spot this on the van… Continue reading »

win a $100 amazon gift card

As a writer, I am also a voracious reader. So when I read that Miss Musing was giving away a… Continue reading »

would darth vader approve?

Came across this hilarious video of a stormtrooper getting down to Britney Spears’ song “Circus” and thought I’d share with… Continue reading »

dot com pho shoutout

Those that follow this blog know I’m an avid reader of John Chow‘s website and his Twitter feed. One of… Continue reading »

a new era of hope for our country

Yesterday, the entire country – nay, even possibly the world – stood transfixed as the nation’s 44th president was sworn… Continue reading »

Obama Inauguration Party in Orlando with IZEA

If you’re in Orlando tomorrow, you might be interested in this event being held at the IZEA offices downtown: And… Continue reading »

an inspirational video

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. That little bit of wisdom or reassurance that no matter… Continue reading »

article round-up for mid-January

The shopping gods (goddesses?) were with me today. I needed haircolor and black eyeliner. Went to CVS because I had… Continue reading »

a life lesson via photography

Sometimes you’re not looking at something right… And sometimes you’re too close to see the big picture… But if you… Continue reading »

ringing out 2008 with the animals

In my last post, I did forget to mention that even though I didn’t officially celebrate New Year’s Eve, I… Continue reading »

my non-holidays

So now that it’s 2009, the inevitable question happens… “So, did you have a good holidays?” It’s like when you’d… Continue reading »