ringing out 2008 with the animals

In my last post, I did forget to mention that even though I didn’t officially celebrate New Year’s Eve, I did spend the day out at Animal Kingdom with some friends. I was hosting a couchsurfer named Amy who was in Orlando to meet up with a friend from Norway who was traveling the US with family. And it turned out Rhon had an admission day to burn before the year ended, so on the last day of 2008, Rhon and I treated Amy and her friend Erik to a day at DAK.

New FriendsIt turned out to be a really great day. The weather was perfect – not too hot, sunny skies. I enjoyed getting to know Amy, as we both come from a similar work background in the music scene – we even know some of the same people. And Erik was a cool guy to hang out with. He was especially thrilled with taking photos of the gorillas in the park’s Pangani Trail area. Plus if you’ve ever peeked at my Flickr, you know any excuse to take photos of animals makes me happy. LOL

So we had a lazy relaxing day just hanging out and taking photos and getting to know each other.

I put some of the better photos up at Flickr (speaking of… LOL) but here are a few of my faves:

Disney's Animal Kingdom : Pangani Trail : December 31, 2008 Disney's Animal Kingdom : Pangani Trail : December 31, 2008

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