Happy Birthday Scott!

This is hard to explain, but even though I grew up an only child, I do have three brothers courtesy of my dad. I’m the eldest of all his children, but after I discovered my dad was still alive, I found out he had two sons after me (actually 3 by the time he passed away, but that’s another story).

Anyways, I met the two sons a few times, but then we drifted apart for many years. A few years ago, around the time my dad and I began reconnecting, so did the eldest of the brothers and I.

So I’d like to take this post to wish my brother Scott Jr a very happy birthday today.

I’m sure you’re already celebrating out at some Whitewater bar, but when you do get a chance to see this, I just want you to know that I’m glad we reconnected. I’m very happy you turned your life around and I’m very proud of you and the stuff you’ve accomplished, especially with going back to school and doing so well there.  Proof positive you’re never to old to make positive change in your life if you really want it.

Since I can’t be up there to buy you a round, I hope this video will suffice.

Luv ya bro!

PS: It was either this or the e-card with the cute singing mice….

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