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So who watched the Tony’s last night? I had finally gotten out of the hospital and was all settled in to Twitter while watching the show when the modem went down.

* sigh *  I spend all those days in the hospital without the computer and I’m not even home a day and I’m foiled again.

Honestly, I’m not too vested in who wins but I love watching all of the musical numbers. I think one of my favorites from last night was the cast of Rock of Ages. Of course, I may be biased, since I’m a fan of hair metal anyways, but I really enjoyed the montage they did. I also loved it when the emcee character picked on Liza Minnelli and she was squirming in her seat. It was funny and she was such a good sport. I hope I get to see the show sometime. It looks like a lot of fun.

So does the new revival of Hair – which won the Tony last night for Best Revival of a Musical (yay!!!). That has long been a favorite of both Rhon and I – it was one of the reasons we first bonded as friends almost twenty years ago. The cast performed the title song on last night’s awards and it was amazing! I’m a bit envious of Anne Hathaway (who seems to be the go-to girl for audience participation at awards shows lately) – those lead guys can crawl on my chair anytime. LOL  But seriously, it looks like a fantastic production.

Not many people know this but when I was a kid, I actually wanted to be a Broadway singer. I really did. Some rocking musical like Jesus Christ Superstar or Hair. All through high school I took musical theater classes and acted in any musical the drama dept put on. It’s still one of those not-quite-forgotten dreams, even if I’m just a background singer for one show. Who knows…could still happen someday. 😉

But I digress…I was talking about the Tony’s, right? Overall, I’d give the show a big thumbs up for being entertaining – certainly a 1000% more so than the MTV Movie Awards that was on a few weeks back. I thought Neil Patrick Harris was a fabulous host – probably my second favorite Tony host ever. Only Hugh Jackman a few years back topped NPH, imho.

If you missed it, I did find these recordings on YouTube (the quality of the Rock of Ages clip is a little degraded, but still watchable).

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  1. Jeff Wetherington June 8, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    I watched the Magic lose instead 🙁 but today I caught the closing performance by NPH on YouTube and it was great!