Monthly Archives: September 2009

you shoulda put a ring on it

I’ve always been fascinated with the planet Saturn. Ever since I first learned about it in school, I always thought… Continue reading »

the 3 R’s of human interaction

Over the past week, we’ve had several instances of bad behavior in a public forum. Senator Joe Wilson screaming “You… Continue reading »

might have to move

Friday, Rhon and I got served notice that the owners of the condo we rent haven’t paid their mortgage since… Continue reading »

My August 2009/Early Sept 2009 Articles and Blog Posts

As promised, here are the links to all of the articles and blog posts I did last month: Lodging Blog… Continue reading »

why it’s important to proofread ad copy…

From a Michigan Kroger’s sales ad: I’m not sure I want to know the ingredients of that margarine spread. On… Continue reading »

August is another word for too much to do

Wow! Where in the heck did August go?  I guess that’s what happens when you have too much to do,… Continue reading »