August is another word for too much to do

Wow! Where in the heck did August go?  I guess that’s what happens when you have too much to do, eh? I was determined to get caught up on my writing and though I have yet to tally the links, I think I did 30 or so published articles last month. I’ll post the links in a post later this week.

Besides writing, I haven’t done much other than go back to work at the bookstore part-time and also I had a slew of medical tests and such.  The neurologist is 98% he knows what I have, but I still have one more MRI and a third spinal tap to go through yet this month. I’ll find out the final prognosis the day after my birthday.  Whoo!  Go me!

This last weekend I actually went out and hung out with my friends. It felt good to be out and and about, even though I paid for it the next day with my whole body in pain.  We (Rhon and I) met up with the old PI/Margaritaville gang of Patti, Cris, Joan and Deb to see my friend Jeremy’s band Afterglow Radio.  They are so freakin’ great live!! You should check out their music on the Afterglow Radio MySpace page.  I don’t think I’ll make it to their video shoot this week, but I hope to be well enough to see them on Sept 19 at the Back Booth downtown.

After the show, Rhon and I went over to Steak & Shake with Rachel and Clare and yapped for a few hours. We didn’t get home until around 1am. I remember before I got sick, 1am would be my starting point but this weekend I felt like I got hit by a truck the next day – and I didn’t even drink any alcohol.

Since I haven’t been out and about, I don’t really have much else to talk about right now. I do appreciate everyone who continues to read my articles at Suite101, Why Go Las Vegas and Uptake. Every click helps me pay the bills, so I do appreciate the continued support!

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