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Friday, Rhon and I got served notice that the owners of the condo we rent haven’t paid their mortgage since May. This means the condo is in foreclosure. WTF?  We’ve paid our rent every month, which, according to the papers we received, is almost double what the mortgage is. So what have they been doing with the rent we’ve paid? And why haven’t the owners (who live in Ireland) or the property manager here in Orlando told us of this?

Granted, Rhon and I have talked about moving anyways. I’d like to have my own room again, plus if my illness progresses, I may have issues with living on the second floor with the stairs. So we had discussed finding a ground floor apt or condo, but we were hoping to put it off until Jan or Feb at least, to give us time to save up for a move.

Now, it looks like we’ll need to start looking and packing stuff in anticipation of having to move.  I used to really love living here in Orlando, but with all I’ve been through here in the last year, I’m starting to think I should move elsewhere. Have no clue where, though.

I know they say God only gives you what he thinks you can handle, but sometimes I wish he didn’t have so much faith in me or my juggling ability.

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