These may be the Droids you’re looking for…

I came across news today that seriously had me drooling on my laptop.

TechCrunch posted that Verizon, Motorola and Google are collaborating on a new phone that supposedly will give the iPhone a run for its money. It’s called the Droid, and from what I’ve read about it, I might have to break down and get one when it comes out (unless someone generously wants to buy me one for Christmas, if it’s out in time).

First of all, here’s the commercial that they’ve been running for it:

And here’s the actual photo via TechCrunch:


Here’s what I’m liking about the Droid:

  • A slide-out qwerty keyboard for texting. I like the actual feel of keys for typing.
  • A 5mp camera (vs a 3mp camera on the iPhone) with flash – if they can add zoom to that, it would really be sweet
  • An interchangeable battery (so if the phone battery dies, you can just pop it open and replace it)
  • Touch-interface screen like an iPhone (yes, on top of the qwerty board!)
  • It shoots video.
  • It runs on the Verizon network, so I don’t have to change over to AT&T
  • Will run apps like the iPhone does – the official website says “10,000+ apps” – hopefully current iPhone devs will jump on board and create, create, create
  • It may be shallow, but the geek in me loves that they named it “Droid”

Things I’m not so liking:

  • It runs on a CDMA network, not a GSM network like the rest of the world. This means the Droid can’t be used outside of the US like the iPhone can. That’s seriously bad for a travel writer, like myself.
  • I’ve heard the apps will cost more than comparable iPhone apps do.
  • It won’t have access to iTunes thousands of free downloads like the iPhone does.
  • Being new tech, it’ll probably cost more than an iPhone.

Verizon is supposed to formerly unveil the Droid in November, so there may be changes (hopefully for the good), but so far, I think it may be good enough to keep me from jumping ship to get an iPhone when my contract is up in January. At least I’ll have some time between Nov and Jan to hear all the official reviews and check one out at the nearby Verizon store before I make up my mind.

While I’m thinking about it, let me throw this question out there:  iPhone users, what are your fave and least fave things about your iPhone?

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