An Evening at Boma

Monday night I had the pleasure of spending time in the company of some of my fellow bloggers from UpTake.  With several of the main office people in town for the PhoCusWright travel industry conference over at the Omni Championsgate, several of the Orlando-area UpTakers met up with them for dinner and drinks Monday, before the conferences started.

Animal Kingdom Lodge : Boma : Dinner Carving StationWe met up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and ate at Boma’s dinner buffet. Boma is one of my favorite restaurants at WDW, and though I normally eat there during the breakfast buffet, the dinner version is just as good. Actually, this time I noticed a few small differences that made it a more enjoyable experience.

One pleasant change was at the carving station. The last two times I ate dinner at Boma, the beef was only served medium rare and you had to hae the chef cook a slice to order if you wanted it well done, as I do.  This time, they had a second slab of well done beef ready to slice. I had a little bit of everything except the seafood items and the mushroom soup. Besides the beef, I enjoyed the Durban-spiced chicken, the bobotie (sort of a ground beef and lamb quiche) and of course the dessert spread. Especially once I poured the chocolate rum raisin sauce over most everything. LOL

Yes, I said chocolate rum raisin sauce.

It’s ok, I’ll give you a moment alone with your taste buds.

Anyways, the best part of the meal was the company. It was great meeting fellow travel writers, esp. since we all work together via telecommuting. I’m really hoping we can get together again, maybe make it a bi-monthly type of thing. So, a big hello to Elliott and Pat from the main office and my Orlando co-bloggers Britt, Shash, Brooke and Angela.

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