Apartments the Size of Parking Spots?

I’m absolutely astounded by this article from a Vancouver, BC website that talks about how a company is building mini loft-style apartments that are only the size of two parking spaces.

Think about it – two parking spaces. Now I’m fascinated by the idea of living in such a tiny space from an architectural viewpoint. You really need to compartmentalize everything and there’s definitely no room for clutter. Or even a roommate, really.

The article states the “apartments” – sub-studio size, to be sure – use murphy beds and other fold down furniture to make the space functional.

I suppose if you’re single and aren’t home much, this could be an option. But I’m astounded that they’re charging about $700 a month for this 270-sq-ft space. Granted, I haven’t lived in Vancouver for over 30 years (when I was a kid I lived there), but even in Orlando you at least can get a one-bedroom in a decent area for that price. That’s more than twice the space of these mini-lofts.

Would you pay so much to live in such a tiny space?

[Image courtesy of Reliance Properties]

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