Kindle for Your PC

I’ve been curious about the whole Kindle concept since I first heard about it, but right now, the last thing I need is another one-use gadget. That’s why I was excited to find that Amazon had a Kindle program just for PCs…and it’s completely free!

There are plenty of books for Kindle available. Of course, I chose to start with some free ones.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of books that are free to download. A lot of them are older classics, which no longer have copyrights attached to them. But I did find a three-part Star Wars series in the list, as well as a few other mysteries and thrillers. Most are authors I haven’t heard of, but then for price I’m paying, I figure it can’t hurt to give the book a chance.

Right now, at home, I probably won’t use my PC Kindle very much. But on the road, I can see this being a great alternative to lugging around a bunch of books.

Do you have a Kindle? Do you like it?

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