parks, parks and more parks

Yeah, I know I’ve been relatively absent from posting here. Not from lack of ideas, but more lack of time. I’m going to have to move in the next month or two since the owners of this condo are being utter asshats and have let the place go into foreclosure, so I’ve been taking on extra writing assignments to earn money for the move.

wi-devilslake-fallLast month I did a series of national park mini-guides for and this month, I’m working on state park mini-guides for them. It’s taking me a bit to get each one done, but I’m adding to my list of places I want to see on my “Great American Roadtrip” I’m planning.

I’ve also been dealing with a few rough days of my illness and quite a few nights of insomnia, so I’m not exactly at my physical best right now. Yeah…I know… “bitch, bitch, bitch…”

I’ve also got to get the car looked at. The lights are going all haywire and I’m hoping it’s just a fuse, so it’s a cheap fix. The joys of an old car – on one hand it’s paid off; on the other, everything starts breaking down after a while.

Well, I suppose it’s back to the parks. I’m in the Hawaii section of the list right now. Someday I’ll get out there to see a real volcano. I know – I’m such a travel nerd sometimes. LOL

[photo: Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin, taken by moi]

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