a double feature day

Met up with Clare for lunch and movies at Downtown Disney.  We saw two movies, both of which I give thumbs up.

The first was Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  I was a little hesitant to see this one because while I like Tom and Cam, their last pairing in Vanilla Sky was really bad. Like zero chemistry bad. Happy to say this action-rom-com was totally different.

In Knight and Day, Cruise plays a spy named Roy Miller who encounters Diaz’s June Miller in an airport. She accidentally gets roped into his latest case, which may be his last if he can’t figure out who is trying to kill him. The two travel all over the world and Roy is faced with not only trying to protect something called the Zephyr, but June as well.  And along the way, of course, the two fall for each other while fighting the attraction.  In the movie Cruise and Diaz play well off each other, with some witty dialogue thrown in for good measure. Some of the plot requires great leaps of faith from the audience, but thankfully the action stops just short of being cartoonish. I really liked Cruise and Diaz together in this movie. Overall, Knight and Day reminded me of Cruise’s Mission: Impossible mixed with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I’d give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

The second movie we watched was the big-screen reboot of one of my fave TV shows from the 80s – The A-Team.

Now I have to admit that I was totally nervous about seeing this. I wasn’t sure this film version would have the ability to take everything I loved about the TV show – the character interaction, Murdock’s craziness, the campy dialogue – and update it to a big screen action movie. I was totally wrong to doubt anything about this remake.

The characters were just as outrageous. Extra big kudos to Bradley Cooper as “Face” and Sharlto Copely (District 9) as Murdock. The action was so over the top that it was glorious – I think the scene with the tank is one of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen in a film. And the film had a lot of humor. I laughed almost the whole film. Another big kudo to Brian Bloom, who not only plays one of the bad guys in the movie, but also co-wrote it.

I think this film captured a lot of the spirit of the series and as a result gets a 5 out of 5 from me. I may even have to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

After the movies, we met up with Rhon, who just got off work, and we had dinner at Steak and Shake. Nothing exciting there, though I will say they make damn fine malts.

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