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So after two sets of labs my regular doctor has determined that in addition to the MS – or maybe because of it? – I now also have hypothyroidism. Basically, my thyroid is barely functioning, which is really bad because it’s the body’s regulator. It controls a bunch of things, including metabolism, hormone and insulin levels.

He prescribed two more pills to add to my daily cocktail of meds to help stimulate my thyroid into working again. Thank goodness most of my prescriptions are on the cheap generics list or I’d be spending part of my food budget on pills.  LOL

The heat has really been playing havoc with the MS symptoms, too. If I’m out and about for more than a half hour in this 100+ degree weather, I start having really bad muscle spasms. I get asked a lot if it hurts and it does, a bit, but it’s more a dull ache than a sharp pain, usually. It feels like someone is taking my muscles and twisting them around, then letting them go to flop back into place. Sometimes, my muscles will pulse randomly and I can actually see it happening, under my skin. The heat also makes me pass out sometimes without warning. Not in a dangerous “fall on the ground” way, but I’ve passed out several times sitting upright with my fingers in the middle of typing on the laptop.

There has been one good thing to come out of this illness. I no longer have to shave my legs. Last time I shaved was a year ago and the hair hasn’t grown back. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

Well, hopefully the heat doesn’t last too much longer. I hate being a prisoner in my own home. I know it’s summer in Florida, but this year seems abnormally hot.

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