free queso at Moe’s

Today was free queso day at Moe’s Southwestern Grill. Of course, Rhon and I hate to pass up free food days, especially when it’s Tex-Mex.

We went to the Moe’s in Dr. Phillips and got all the way to the counter before we got the customary “Welcome to Moe’s!” greeting yelled at us. We both decided to order a taco to go with the queso, since we were going grocery shopping after and the worst thing for the food budget is shopping on an empty stomach. Total cost with water for the drink came to just under $3.

I had the chicken taco with almost every topping. I like the taste of Moe’s food, but about an hour later I remembered why I stopped eating there. For some reason, every time I eat there, I end up in the bathroom shortly after. I’m wondering if it’s because they keep everything on warming trays? I don’t know, but I think next time I’ll just get the queso.

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