mmm…fried cheese inside cheese

I received an email from Denny’s today about some of the new items they’re adding to their promotional “$2-$4-$6-$8” value menu and one item really caught my eye.

Now, being from Wisconsin, I love cheese. Seriously love cheese. But even this makes me take a step back from the menu.

The Fried Cheese Melt.

It’s basically breaded & fried mozzarella cheese sticks inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. And it’s served with fries and marinara sauce for dipping.

I suppose it’s no different than ordering an appetizer of mozzarella sticks and then eating a grilled cheese sandwich. But who was the person that went, “hmmm….what if we eat them together?”

I can feel my arteries hardening just looking at it.

Of course in the interest of journalism (and the fact that I really love cheese) I probably will give this one a try.

Just don’t tell my doctor.

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