What I’m Thankful For in 2010

I would have to say 2010 has been one of the most tumultuous years ever in my 43 years on this planet.

There’s still one month left and already I’ve dealt with being laid off my day job; having the condo I rented go into foreclosure forcing a quick move to a new apartment;  having a heart attack the day after I started the move; and having heart surgery on my birthday.

But I have a lot to be thankful for, so here’s my list of the top reasons 2010 didn’t totally suck.  I promise it’ll be shorter than a Grammy or Oscar speech.

1] I’m thankful I’m still alive. The blockage in my arteries was so severe the doctor said I might not have made it to 2011 if I hadn’t had the surgery. But I did, and everyday I feel myself getting stronger. I still have bad days here and there, and I’ve still got the MS to contend with, but it’s amazing how just having a strong flow of blood in my body makes me feel so, well, alive.

2] I’m thankful for my best friend Rhonda. We’ve been best friends for 22 years and roommates for a good portion of that, off and on. She’s like the sister I never had and without her support, I don’t know if I’d have been able to stay strong through some of the things I’ve had to deal with the last five years.

3] I’m thankful for my friends. They’re the family I choose to have and they have truly supported me this year, especially on those days I wasn’t sure I wanted to fight the good fight.

4] I’m thankful for the love of my dog. She always keeps me in good spirits and makes me laugh. She also cuddles against me when she senses I’m not feeling well. If only she could talk…err…wait, maybe that might not be a good idea. LOL

5] I’m thankful for the ability to laugh. As long as I can still laugh at something – anything – I have a chance of making my life happier.

6] I’m thankful for being able to earn a living at something I love to do. So what if I’m always working. I like what I do and it’s allowed me to meet some really great people and have some amazing experiences. Now if only the money was better…

7] I’m thankful for social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. It’s allowed me to reconnect with people I’ve lost touch with. High school friends, co-workers at Virgin Megastore, bands I used to hang out with, and more. It also enables me to stay in touch with my friends, since we all live such busy lives.

8] I’m thankful that some mysterious angel took care of my hospital bill. I had no idea how I would have come up with $45,000. I can’t even afford to fix my car. But somehow it all got taken care of and I have the receipt from the hospital (that I’m guarding with my life!) to prove it.

9] I’m thankful that people read my writing. And send me nice emails and twitter messages that they actually liked what they read. Sometimes writing is such a solitary job that it’s nice to have the validation that I’m on the right track, and that the info I put out there is actually helping somebody. Plus, on some of the places I write for online, I get paid by page views and ad clicks, so every set of eyes on a story or post helps (see above comment about better pay…).

10] I’m thankful my mom and gramma are watching over me from the heavens. I feel their presence often and several times a month, I dream about them. I miss them terribly, especially around the holidays, but I know they’re never too far away in spirit.

As I close out the year, I really feel positive (mostly) about what the coming year will bring me.  I hope it plays out that way. But in the meantime, I’m truly thankful for what I have and, more importantly, who I have in my life.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Kirby December 13, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    You’re a wonderful grrl, angels will always keep an eye out for you.

  2. clare November 25, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    hey Michelle,
    i love your blog! I am very thankful to have you as a friend! i am very glad to have you in my life!