Monthly Archives: January 2011

Harold and Kumar Would Love This

At a loss as to where to take your sweet nothing for Valentine’s Day? Well, White Castle wants you to… Continue reading »

Got Carried Away with the Whipped Cream

There is a slice of pie under there somewhere – really!!  Can I help it if I have a heavy… Continue reading »

Corona Extra Beer Builds Temporary Madrid Hotel Out of Garbage

Normally when you think of Corona Extra beer, an open longneck bottle with a wedge of lime usually comes to… Continue reading »

This Sour Creme is Totally Unreal!

Seriously…that’s what it says on the packaging: And it even costs the same price as real dairy sour cream. Moral… Continue reading »

My Articles/Posts for December 2010

I don’t just write here. I also contribute articles and posts elsewhere on the web. So in case you’ve missed… Continue reading »