Enjoy Your Next Drink out of a Gelatin Cup

If a quartet of Parsons School of Design grads have their way, you won’t be serving drinks at your next party out of paper or plastic cups. You’ll be serving them out of edible tumblers.

The cups are made from agar agar, which is a vegetarian gelatin substitute produced from seaweed. Since it has no taste of its own, it can be flavored with endless combinations of ingredients.

Some of their prototype edible cups have been flavored with such exotic combos as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, and rosemary-beet. These would then compliment the drinks that are served in them, as the cups can be nibbled on while drinking.

For the adults at a party, imagine serving martinis in an olive-flavored cup, or a White Russian in a Kahlua cream-flavored cup.

For the kids, you could serve grape Kool-aid in a grape cup or milk in a chocolate-flavored cup.  As an added bonus, the cups themselves are great for kid use since they won’t break.

Even if you didn’t want to eat the cup, the nature of the material makes it biodegradable and very eco-friendly.

Awesome idea, eh?

Currently this product isn’t available, but if it did make it to mass market, I’d sure give it a try.  How about you?

[Photos and info courtesy of The Way We See the World]

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