Free Fantasy Book Download of Son of Ereubus by J.C. Chancellor

One of my favorite genres of books to read is the fantasy genre. If yours is too, you may want to check out the Guardians of Legends series by author J.C. Chancellor.

The first book is Son of Ereubus and it was published in November 2010. The summary blurb on the book reads:

Since time immemorial, man has lived in fear of losing his soul to the darkness of Saint Ereubus. For generations, the Ereubinians have wielded that power and ruled like gods.

Three thousand years ago, Man irresolutely placed his faith in a mythical world. That world, Adoria, now holds Man’s final hope.

As the last stronghold of Man is threatened, the fates of three strangers become forever intertwined and everything they once believed will be irrevocably changed as they discover that their time has run out.

I have to admit, I haven’t read it yet, but the Amazon reviews for it are really good. Speaking of Amazon, you can pick up a copy of Son of Ereubus for just $14.

However, I found out that you can get an E-version of the book to read on your computer for free, from the author herself. That’s right, completely free. I’ve already downloaded it.

Why would someone give their book away for free? Well, Chancellor has the second book in the series, Blood of Adoria, coming out later this month.

So the idea is that by letting you read the first book, you’ll be hooked and purchase the second one when it comes out.

So if you want to check out Son of Ereubus, you can find the link to download it at the author’s personal blog, Welcome to the Asylum.

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