I’m Participating in Blog4NZ to Support New Zealand Travel

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but I’ve wanted to go since I was a teenager.  Every photo I’d see of the countryside just looked so dramatic and beautiful.

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So when the country was hit by the devastating earthquake in Christchurch on February 22 of this year, it really saddened me. Of course, I felt for the people affected by the quake, but I just couldn’t believe all of the landmarks that were damaged, as well.

Because I still hope to visit New Zealand someday (hopefully soon), I’m participating in Blog4NZ this next week.  The event will feature posts about New Zealand in an effort to encourage people to continue to visit the country, even as they rebuild.

It’s going to take a lot of love and a lot of cash to do so. Tourism makes up approximately 10% of New Zealand’s GDP and it is essential for the world to know that New Zealand is open for business, and that it doesn’t look like a war zone.

My post will appear on March 22 on my revamped travel blog Travel Via Words, which will reopen on March 20.

If you want more information on the event or want to participate on your own blog, you’ll find all the info you need at the Blog4NZ website and Facebook page.

And before you ask, I do plan a Japan post in the near future – another place I’ve wanted to visit.  I’m not sure if there’s a similar initiative like Blog4NZ for the recent Japanese disaster, but if there is, let me know the link, ok?

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