Wedding Couples are McLoving It in Hong Kong

Last month I wrote about White Castle’s Valentine Dinner packages, but I really think I’ve found something even more romantic to the fast food lover.

It seems in the Asian country of Hong Kong, wedding couples can say, “I Do,” to more than just supersizing their meal.

They can now hold their wedding underneath the Golden Arches.

That’s right, starting at HK$9,999 (approximately US$1,282), you and your significant other can get married at McDonald’s.

This starting price includes, among other things:

  • 2 hrs of venue renting to hold the event at the restaurant
  • 50 invitations
  • Up to HK$3,000 in McD’s food (approx. US$385 – wonder if they have a value menu in Hong Kong?)
  • Happy meal toys McD-themed wedding gifts for up to 50 guests
  • Wedding decorations

But the best items of the package? You get a pair of McDonald’s  “balloon wedding rings” and a “cake” make out of boxes of McD’s apple pies.

Snazzy and romantic, or what?

Oh, and if you forgot to buy a wedding dress in all the excitement of having your nuptials at the fast food giant’s dining room, you can rent or buy a wedding dress from them, made completely of balloons.

Wonder if I can buy a dress without getting married?

I suppose, it’s a far cheaper price tag than having a traditional church-based wedding. But it’s a lot harder to toast the bride with super-sized cups of Coke.

[photos courtesy of McDonald’s Hong Kong]

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