Memes Suck: My Annoying Quirk

I have a ton of work on my plate for today, but since I just got unfriended by a troll with no sense of humor on Facebook (I posted one of those “you have 7 friends” memes), I figured I’d take a few more minutes to do a meme I saw on Angie’s blog.

Because this is my blog and I can.

Also because I didn’t have to even think about what my answer would be, since it’s generally one most anyone who hangs with me for a good amount of time mentions.

I fidget.

A lot.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve fidgeted. My mom used to yell at me to knock it off when we’d sit together on the couch, eventually getting so irritated she’d move to a separate chair.

Driving in the car, I fidget so much that if there’s a gear shift on the floor, I will eventually have my right buttcheek resting on it. If I’m a passenger, it will be my left buttcheek.

Which tends to really irritate the driver when they reach to shift, for some reason.

I don’t even realize I’m doing it. It’s like physical ADD.

And now that I have MS and am prone to random muscle spasms and cramps, fidgeting takes on a whole new level. Now instead of a whole body fidget, I can just do a leg or an arm.

Awesome, eh?

Which brings me to my close runner-up annoying quirk: I tend to pepper my vocabulary with heavy doses of 80s speak. Not quite Valley Girl-level, but I’m known to rock the verbal microphone with the occasional “like,” “totally” and “awesome.” As demonstrated above.

So what’s your annoying quirk. Play along at your blog or just drop your thoughts in the comments.

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