Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Dreams

It seems from birth, we are conditioned to believe that we go to school, we get a job, get married, start a family and then we retire. Sensible, but unfortunately, we are also taught that we need to wait until we reach that retirement stage to do things we’ve always dreamed of doing, like traveling.

But if you have a dream, you shouldn’t put it off.

People go through life indoctrined that it’s wrong to just go for what they want. Most wait until they retire to do what they’ve always dreamed of.

Why not do it now?

I believe people should do what makes them happy. No, it’s not always possible, but as I stated before, most failures occur simply because the person doesn’t even try.

So what’s your dream?

Want to be a gourmet cook? Take some classes. Want to travel? Put aside the money and go. Want to run a marathon? Get off the couch and start running.

Yes, it’s good to have a big picture of your dream, but to make it happen, you need to not get bogged down with the enormity of it all. Break it down and plan it out.

In fact, write it down.

Seeing it in print helps make your dream more tangible and attainable.

Remember those outlines you used to write in school? Make an outline of your dream and the steps you need to accomplish to get there.

Some dreams may need more than one page. That’s ok. Again, don’t let the big picture overwhelm you. Start at the beginning – what do you need to get the ball rolling?

Not every dream is immediately attainable. However, if you keep working towards that goal and you can keep crossing off those little steps you wrote out, you’ll be that much closer to making it happen.

Positive thinking works wonders.

In order to make your dream real, you have to believe it can happen. Too often, I see people tell themselves they can’t. Don’t do that to yourself.

Really, what do you have to lose? Even if it doesn’t happen, at least you made the effort. But if you psych yourself into thinking you can’t accomplish something, you never will.

So don’t wait until the end of your life to make dreams happen. Do it now. You deserve the happiness.

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