Dear Santa: Please Bring Me a Free Spirit SS Sprinter Van for Christmas

One of my upcoming goals for the next few years is to hit the road and drive around the U.S., writing about places along the way.

Since some of the places I want to visit are off the beaten track, I’d love to have a vehicle big enough to sleep in but small enough to be able to drive in town and park.

I think I’ve found the perfect vehicle.


It’s called the Free Spirit SS and it’s a class of RV called the sprinter van. It’s just a little bit bigger than a cargo van, so it’s not too hard to drive in tight traffic areas like downtowns and such. However, inside, there is a fold out sofa bed, kitchenette, and even a bathroom with shower. Plus, the van is built on a Mercedes Benz chassis.

Yes, behind the driver and passenger seats (which swivel 180 degrees, by the way), is a couch that pulls out into a queen size bed. To make room for such a large bed, the couch area slides out when parked.


Opposite the couch/bed is a sliding door that also has a full screen door, so if you’re parked someplace nice, you can have the sliding door open but not be letting the bugs in. There’s also a wall-mounted flatscreen TV.

Then there is a small kitchenette with sink, 2-burner stove and small fridge. Across from that is a wall of storage – everything from drawers to a closet.

And finally, in the back, is an actual bathroom, with toilet, sink, vanity counter, and a small shower. Yup, in the middle of nowhere and I can still keep up with the hygiene.

Here’s a look at the floor plan:


The downside is that the base model starts in the low $100,000s. Of course, if I had that kind of money to spend, I would add a few modifications.

First, I’d have solar panels added to the roof, so I wouldn’t have to rely on the generator for power all the time. I’d also add a satellite for TV reception, and a stereo system.

What do you think? Doesn’t this look like a killer travel vehicle?

[images via Leisure Vans]

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