Movie Review: Jack Reacher


Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is Tom Cruise doing what he does best in movies: high-energy fights, exciting action sequences, and snappy dialog. And that’s ok, because that’s just what makes this movie so good.

Reacher, a character from a series of books by author Lee Child, is a former military cop who has been living off the grid. After an ex-sniper is accused of opening fire on a crowd of people, Reacher shows up in Pittsburgh to find the truth.

There’s very little back story, at first. You learn about Reacher and how he fits into all of this as the film goes along, but in this film, it works.

He’s assisted by the ex-sniper’s defense attorney (Rosamund Pike), who happens to be the daughter of the prosecuting D.A. (Richard Jenkins). He also makes friends with an ex-Marine who now owns a shooting range, played wonderfully by Robert Duvall, that helps him solve the case.

Jack Reacher is a no-frills action thriller, and it’s a great one. It doesn’t try to reinvent the genre, it just does it really well.

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