2013 So Far…

At almost 3 weeks into 2013, I have to say this year is starting off better than last year, when I was so sick.

Me and the cast of DRIP

Me and the cast of DRIP

My first major outing of the year was to review a new show in Orlando called DRIP. It’s an artistic show that uses dance, paint, water and sand, to tell the story of love found and lost. The main twist is that the audience becomes part of the show, as the paint, water, and sand is flung around. By the end of the show, I was covered head to feet, but it was so much fun. Messy, but fun. You can read my full review of DRIP over at CitySurfing Orlando.

I also got to see the opening night in Orlando of Ringling Bros and Barunum & Bailey’s Built to Amaze! show. I hadn’t seen a circus since I was a kid, but this one was rather entertaining. You can also read my review of the show at CitySurfing Orlando.

Health-wise, I’m still plowing through all of the doctor appts I need to make. I have labs again next Tuesday. My rib pain has returned, but it’s not a constant pain. There’s a bit of swelling in the area, too. Hopefully the tests will reveal something.

I also got a new Yoga mat, and I’ve been trying to do a bit every day. I don’t know that my form is exactly yoga…more yoga-ish. But I’m sure I’ll get better the more I do it. That’s the goal, anyways.

On the downside, the niece of a close friend died unexpectedly of a drug overdose. She was only mid-20s – I only met her a few times, but she seemed like a nice person. Drugs just suck.

Also found out that Rhonda’s brother has cancer. They say that it’s treatable, but I know she’s really worried. Don’t blame her – my mom and dad both lost their lives to cancer.

So that’s my 2013, so far. How’s yours going?

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