Working Your Birthday Like a Boss – The Robert Downey Jr Edition

Because I’m a huge fan of Marvel and Iron Man and of Robert Downey, Jr, I’ve been keeping up to date on the promo tour that RDJ is on for Iron Man 3. Making it easier is all the press stuff I’ve been getting from each stop on the world tour.

At first, I kinda felt bad for RDJ, since his 48th birthday fell in the middle of the first stop in S. Korea and the second stop in Bejing, China. I’ve had to work on my birthday and it’s no fun. To top it off, he would be away from his family for his special day.

But after getting the reports back from the S. Korea and China stops, I’ve realized that he worked his birthday like a boss.

In S. Korea, he was presented with a huge “Iron Man” themed birthday cake that would have made Duff from Ace of Cakes proud. The huge crowd also sang “Happy Birthday” to him.


Then, in China, they threw him a party at the Imperial Ancestral temple in Beijing (the first time a Hollywood movie has been promoted there) and during the ceremony, he was presented with a giant birthday card containing 5,339 fans signature. This set a new world record for most signatures on a birthday card, and he received a plaque from the Guinness Book of World Records officially recognizing that.

On top of it, they let him sit on a golden throne decorated in serpents, because not only is 2013 the Year of the Snake, but RDJ’s birth year was also a snake year. A GOLD THRONE, people.

So let’s recap. He works on his birthday and gets not one, but two countries to throw him huge birthday parties where he gets an incredible cake, a gold throne to sit on, and a Guinness World Record.

Kinda puts your average birthday party to shame, doesn’t it?

I have to wonder though, what is he going to do for his 50th in two years…especially since that milestone birthday happens to fall during what will undoubtably be promo time for Avengers 2 (2015).

And how do I get an invite? ::wink::

Seriously, how do you top that? I’m gonna feel like a slacker if all I do is go out for drinks and dinner with friends on my birthday.

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