So My Best Friend Lost Her Toe

Just when I thought life was turning around, a whole new pile of shit gets dumped at my doorstep.

My roommate Rhon had a sore toe for a couple of weeks, but she said it wasn’t that bad. Well I finally got her to go to the Disney castmember healthcare center and he sent her to the emergency room.

toe surgery

After the surgery.

Bad didn’t even begin to cover her toe. It was severely infected, to the point that after tests and a doctor consult, the decision was made to amputate the toe before the infection got into her blood.

Luckily they were able to save the rest of the foot and with an IV antibiotic regimen for a week, they were able to get rid of the infection.

She just got out of the hospital, after almost 2 weeks, but she’s gonna be off work at least a month more. Hopefully her disability insurance will kick in because my income won’t cover full rent, much less any other bills.

But Rhonda & I have been best friends for 25 years. We’ve gotten each other through hard times before. We’ll get through this.

She’s home now, and she’s using my walker from when I was hospitalized last year. She’s walking really well, with almost no balance issues. She has to have a wound vacuum on her toe space for a couple of weeks until the wound heals completely. But she’s got a home nurse coming every three days to take care of changing the bandages, thankfully, because I’m not good with wounds.

So much for saving for a car, though.

Anyways, if you want to send Rhonda get well messages, you can leave them on this post or visit her Facebook page.

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