My July 2013 Health Update

Had my monthly doctor appointment this week. Overall, things were pretty positive.

My vitals were good, with my lowest blood pressure reading in years. 100/80 – and he took the reading twice to be sure. That’s a far cry from the 220/150 I had when I was hospitalized in 2012.

Michelle Snow selfie

My attempt at a July selfie. At least I didn’t cut my head off this time.

Also found out I’d lost 14 pounds since my visit last month. Yay! Go me! This puts me at -98lbs total from last summer. Still have a ways to go, but any loss is a good loss.

Got back the results of my lab tests. Kidney function looks good, but I’m still very anemic. Turns out I was right about the iron tabs interfering with my thyroid meds, so he took me off the iron. He also lowered my thyroid med dosage since the bloodwork showed my t-levels were a bit high. It’s a never-ending battle trying to get my med cocktail just right.

But it appears I’m getting healthier bit by bit, which makes me happy.

August finds me going back to the kidney doctor, and finally going to see a cardiologist, since I found one that will take my insurance. Have to also make an appointment to get my eyes checked out to make sure my MS and diabetes aren’t affecting my sight. Plus, I’m supposed to get a pelvic ultrasound for my gyno doc, but I’m putting it off since I hate that wand part of it (you women know what I’m talking about).

I don’t see my regular doc again until the end of September, which I’m taking as a sign that I’m well enough not to need monthly check-ups anymore.

Finally, my MS has been in remission for several months now. Last major flare-up I had was mid-May. Of course, I’m keeping out of the sun and heat as much as possible, since those seem to trigger a reaction. I’m also trying to keep my stress levels down, which hasn’t been easy with Rhonda losing her toe at the beginning of July. But we’re managing until she gets back to work.

Thanks again to my friends who’ve been so supportive! You keep me in a good headspace, which makes it easier to deal with all the health stuff.

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