A Look Back at August 2013: Good News and Good Food

It’s already September, and as I reflect back, August was actually a pretty good month. It started a bit dubiously, as I wound up with a viral infection of my throat. Haven’t had one of these in years, and it hurt to swallow or even breathe. Luckily, it only lasted a few days.

I saw my nephrologist (kidney doc) to get my test results back from the 24 hr pee test. Basically for a 24hr period, you collect all of your urine into a jug, then the lab measures it to see how your kidneys are functioning. Yes, I live the glamourous life.

The results were better than I was hoping for. Last year when I left the hospital, I was at 32% kidney function (basically close to needing dialysis). Earlier this year, I managed to improve to 50%, and I was hoping I’d be close to 55% or 60%.

I was at 72%!

I wasn’t sure I heard the doc right, but she showed me the test results on paper and said even she was surprised at how much I’ve improved in the last year. As a result, I no longer need to see her every 6-8 weeks. In fact, my next appointment isn’t until August of NEXT YEAR. Yup, my kidneys are doing well enough that I don’t need to see the doc for a whole year.

Yes! * does touchdown victory dance *

In non-medical news, I got invited to a media tasting lunch for a new downtown Orlando restaurant called Lotus. Basically at tasting lunches, the restaurant puts together a sampling of dishes that are on the menu, in tiny portions, so you can try a variety of things. This can be dangerous for me, since I have a lot of food allergies. But I let them know ahead of time, and they did a wonderful job of coming up with alternate mostly-vegetarian options for me to try. You can read my full review of Lotus at CitySurfing Orlando.

September looks to be pretty busy for me. I’ve got review tickets for Disney on Ice and possibly a hockey game (my first in 20 years), plus a few tasting lunches/dinners. Plus, my birthday – still trying to figure out what I want to do for it.

Plus Epcot Food & Wine Festival starts end of September, so I want to check out the new menus. I don’t drink anymore, so it’ll mostly be just trying the food this year. There’s a twist…I won’t be totally drunk by the time I’m half-way around the showcase. LOL

So how was your August?

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