Watch Aningaaq the Short Film Companion to the Movie Gravity [Spoiler]

If you’ve seen the brilliant movie Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, there’s a scene in the film where Bullock’s character of Dr. Ryan Stone sends out a distress call in the capsule. That call is received by someone who doesn’t speak English, and Stone eventually breaks down and asks the man to make the dogs in the background howl for her.


Well, Warner Bros actually had a companion short film to Gravity that showed the other side of that mayday conversation, called Aningaaq.

It was directed by Jonas Cuaron, son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron, with whom he also co-wrote the Gravity script. It was filmed in Greenland, on a budget of about $100,000, and dialog from Aningaaq and Gravity are wound around each other in both films.

The short film only screened at a handful of film festivals, and seemed destined to not see light of day again until the DVD release.

However, now that Aningaaq is now officially in the running for the Academy Awards’ Live-Action short category, Warner Bros’ has rethought its strategy and released the film on the web. It was first shown on The Hollywood Reporter website, but is now available for me to show you here.

So, don’t watch this video until you’ve already seen Gravity, or it won’t make much sense to you:

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