Ringing Out 2013 With Fireworks

I’m housesitting for some friends while they are up in Georgia visiting family for the holidays. I’m also catsitting for them, but she’s upset the family is gone, so she only permits me to feed her.

Anyways, I spent New Year’s Eve alone on the couch, watching the Ball drop in Times Square on TV. Or at least I tried to. As the countdown started, their cable box decided to shut off for a reset.

I started frantically trying to turn everything back on, but I saw flashes of light from the window behind me.

Looking out the window, I saw fireworks going off in the distance. I’m not sure who was setting them off. SeaWorld Orlando is in that direction, but I think they’re a little too far away. I’m thinking it might be the Grande Lakes resort area where the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott are located.

I tried to snap some pictures with my phone, but they didn’t turn out, so I ran and got my good camera, and these are the few good shots I got:

The first shot. That white thing with the windows is a travel van in the front yard.

New Year's Eve fireworks

Then I tried to zoom in to get the van out of the shot. Too much zoom, I think…

New Year's Eve fireworks
Pulled back slightly on the zoom and got this third shot. You can even see that burst on the bottom peeking through the trees across the street.

New Year's Eve fireworks
And this was the grand finale of the fireworks. I’m sure it looked more impressive to the people actually wherever these were being fired off from, but I think it still looked cool at a distance.

New Year's Eve fireworks
That’s how I rang in 2014. What did you do?

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