It’s Not Easy Trying to Be Cancer-Free…What’s Next?

It’s now been a month since my cancer surgery, and there’s been some minor complications. If you’re squeamish, skim forward a few paragraphs.

Purple flowersLast weekend I started bleeding lightly and it was painful to sit or walk. Since they removed everything in the surgery, that shouldn’t be happening. On Monday, the cancer doc examined me and it seems somehow I tore a few of the sutures. Three on the bottom and one on top. Not good, but I’m told it happens.

She prescribed some antibiotics (which I keep forgetting to take on a regular schedule), and said I was to go nowhere and do nothing for a week until I heal inside. Apparently even walking can aggravate the sutures, so I’m couch-bound until at least Tuesday.

There goes my Labor Day weekend plans.

Next month I have a meeting with a radiologist to schedule the radiation treatments I mentioned last time. The good news is no chemo, so far, but the length of the radiation has gone from 2 weeks to 5, because I turned out to be Stage II.

Five weeks of daily radiation. *sigh* Maybe for Halloween I can put on something green and go as a glowstick.

The good thing is it will be targeted radiation, so I’ll only get nuked in the lower abdomen. It’s supposed to have fewer side effects than traditional radiation, from what I’m told, plus it’ll help protect my organs in that area, like my kidneys.

I’m hoping to start the treatment early October, because I’d hate to be having radiation on my birthday next month. That would suck. Plus I have a lot of blogger stuff planned for the beginning of September, and I’d hate to have to cancel because I’m too sick to go.

So that’s where I am, right now. I’m trying to stay positive through all of this, but it’s not easy. I just get so tired of hurting all the time. I’m trying not to be a whiny person about it, but UGH!

But in good news, I’ve somehow managed to lose 10 pounds in the last two weeks pretty much sitting on my ass recuperating. That makes 169lbs I’ve lost since I was hospitalized two and a half years ago. Not too shabby.

I know I say this a lot, but thank you to everyone who helps keep me positive with your words of encouragement. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in this fight, and it means the world to me. Much love to you all!

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  1. zengrrl August 30, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you – I think of you both, as well. =) I like the Doc Ock idea. Didn’t Jean Grey turn into Phoenix after being dosed with radiation? I have the reddish hair – I could probably swing that. LOL

  2. Jeff Wetherington August 30, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    Michelle, Cindy and I keep you in our thoughts every day.

    Now stop doing the ninja kicks and tearing your sutures! And I think you should strap on some metal arms before your radiation treatment and see if you can become the female Doc Ock 🙂

    Feel better soon, we’re pulling for you.

    Jeff & Cindy
    Jeff Wetherington wrote this post…Happy Punday – Hammer TimeMy Profile

  3. zengrrl August 30, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Yeah, gotta love spammers. DELETE! LOL

    I could go as She-Hulk but that costume is way too revealing. Miss you Evil Twin! Think of the chaos we could do if we were closer geographically. 😉

  4. Evil Twin August 30, 2014 at 6:29 am

    Dunno what these two ^ are on about.

    Getting radiation? You could always go as Bruce Banner…or the Hulk (Hulk smash puny cancer!).