The Big C Battle Rages On

It’s been two weeks today since I had the surgery to remove my cancer. I had a full hysterectomy, including the removal of the cervix, ovaries, and several lymph nodes. There was a complication during the surgery that caused me to get torn up quite a bit, and left me very sore after the surgery.

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Yesterday I went in for my first follow-up, and after my doc examined my incisions and lacerations, said it looked like I was healing well. That was the good news.

The bad news is that after they removed everything during the surgery, they sent it off to be tested and it seems the cancer had spread a bit. Doc said that puts me at Stage II cancer.

She’s pretty sure it was still contained within the parts they took out, but just to be sure, she said she wants me to undergo two weeks of daily radiation treatments, and possibly chemo.

So it looks like the fight isn’t over yet.

I go back in two weeks, to give me a chance to heal a little more from the surgery, and it’s then that we’ll map out our battle plan for the next round of treatment. Hopefully there will be no chemo. Not particularily looking forward to radiation, but chemo is way more harsh on the body.

Most likely the radiation will be external treatments, localized to the areas the cancer was in…meaning my entire abdomen. Side effects range from nausea and diarrhea to loss of hair in the area and red, dry, tender skin. Not to mention fatigue.

Oh. Yay.

But for the next few weeks, I’m just going to try and put it out of my mind and do things as normal. And when it comes time for treatment, I’ll just have to put on my big girl panties and do what I have to so I can stay alive, no matter how much it scares me.

It’s times like this I just get so tired of fighting. I just don’t have a choice.

Thanks to all who’ve been supporting me through all this. Your words of encouragement help keep me in the fight, and keep me positive about everything. Thanks to Carol for taking me to all of my appointments and holding my hand before and after the surgery. Thanks to Rhonda for being there on a daily basis making sure I don’t freak out…too much.

I have to believe I will come out of this and I will beat this cancer. I have to.

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  1. […] month I have a meeting with a radiologist to schedule the radiation treatments I mentioned last time. The good news is no chemo, so far, but the length of the radiation has gone from 2 weeks to 5, […]

  2. zengrrl August 23, 2014 at 8:59 am

    I think she was talking about doing the RFA, esp since we can’t risk damaging my kidneys anymore than they already are. Thanks Colleen! xxoo

  3. Colleen H. August 7, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    If the option is presented to you (or, better yet, ask your doc if it *is* an option), opt for RFA (Radiofrequency Ablation) it’s a more finely targeted radiation treatment to reduce the amount of exposure and there are fewer side effects. They may need to give you a wider swath given your particular cancer, but always ask for and opt for smaller area and less radiation whenever possible. It make take a bit longer for treatment (if they miss a spot, repeat the procedure targeting that spot), but it’s a very effective, less invasive treatment that can be repeated as necessary, which better that than damaging your organs by needlessly flooding your entire abdomen with radiation. And like you said, avoid chemo for as long as you can since that is even harder on the body.

    Sending love, light, positivity, and healing vibes. xxoo

  4. zengrrl August 6, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    Thanks Jeff! I was just really hoping this was all over with the surgery. And I really don’t want the chemo. But I’ll do what I have to to stay alive. Hugs to you and Cindy!

  5. Jeff Wetherington August 6, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    You WILL beat this! You probably already have. It sounds like you doctor is being thorough and that is for the best.

    I’m sorry this is not quite over yet and that you’re still having to deal with it. Cindy and I will be keeping you in our thoughts.
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