Comparing the Marvel Schedule of Movies Vs The Announced DC Comic/Warner Bros. Slate

When it comes to superhero movie watchers, the big competition is between DC Comics, who partner with Warner Bros and New Line, and Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney.

DC vs Marvel movie schedule

Earlier this week, Warner Bros released the schedule for upcoming DC Comics movies through 2020, and I immediately got emails and tweets about how this DC schedule compared to what Marvel has already announced.

Well, why don’t we take a look? And while we’re at it, why don’t I throw in the upcoming superhero/comic films by Sony and 20th Century Fox, as well as a few random superhero-themed movies from other studios.


May 1: MARVEL – Avengers: Age of Ultron
July 17: MARVEL – Ant-Man
August 7: FOX – The Fantastic Four (a reboot of the series with new actors)


February 12: FOX – Deadpool (starring Ryan Reynolds)
March 25: DC COMICS – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
May 6: MARVEL – Captain America 3 (with possible Iron Man)
May 18: FOX – X-Men: Apocalypse
June 3: NICKELODEON/PARAMOUNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
July 8: MARVEL – Doctor Strange
August 5: DC COMICS – Suicide Squad
November 11: SONY – The Sinister Six (a Spiderman spinoff featuring villans)


March 3: FOX – The Wolverine 2
March 3: MARVEL – Untitled Film (most reports list this as March 5, but no film debuts on a Sunday)
May 26: WARNER BROS: The Lego Batman Movie
June 23: DC COMICS – Wonder Woman
July 14: FOX – The Fantastic Four 2 (provided the first one does well)
July 28: MARVEL – Guardians of the Galaxy 2
November 17: DC COMICS – Justice League


March 23: DC COMICS – The Flash
May 4: MARVEL – Untitled Film (possibly Avengers 3)
July 6: MARVEL – Untitled Film
July 13: FOX – Untitled Film (possibly another X-Men group or solo character movie)
July 27: DC COMICS – Aquaman
November 3: MARVEL – Untitled Film


April 5: DC COMICS – Shazam
May 3: MARVEL – Untitled Film
June 14: DC COMICS – Justice League 2


April 3: DC COMICS – Cyborg
June 19: DC COMICS – Green Lantern

DC’s schedule goes a year farther than Marvel’s, which also has several unannounced films on their schedule. I’m hoping one of those is a Ms. Marvel or stand alone Black Widow film, because it’d be a shame if DC puts out a solo female character movie and Marvel doesn’t. The March 5, 2017 date would be the last chance for Marvel to beat DC to the punch with a female-led movie.

On the other hand Marvel has a more ambitious plate, with up to 3 movies a year vs DC’s two per year, and their brand is a little more established in recent moviedom,

There are also three-more rumored Spiderman films from Sony without solid dates – an untitled Spiderman spin-off with a female lead character (possibly 2017), Venom Carnage (possibly 2017). and The Amazing Spiderman 3 (possibly 2018). However, if Marvel does go ahead with their Civil War plotline, they’ll either need to get the Spiderman rights back from Sony or rewrite the Civil War story, which could happen with next year’s recently announced comic reboot. As such, these three rumored films may be delayed or even not happen.

Schedule-wise, the only conflicts I see for box office dollars are in 2016, when X-Men Apocalypse debuts two weeks after Captain America 3, then in 2017 when Wolverine 2 debuts the same day as an untitled Marvel film, and finally July 2018 when three movies are scheduled only 2 weeks apart from each other..

Otherwise, this schedule tells me that we comic/superhero movie fans are going to be well satisfied for the next five years. Unless the movie is bad, but we won’t know until we see it, right?

Which movies are you most excited to see? I’ve made no secret on this blog that I am a Marvel girl, but I am looking forward to the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies from DC/WB, and the next X-Men movie, since the last one was a lot of fun.

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