Marvel Heads to Possible Civil War as Talks of Robert Downey Jr Joining Captain America 3 Surface

Iron Man vs Captain America - images courtesy of Marvel

Variety, a credible Hollywood news source, posted Monday (10/13) that Robert Downey, Jr, is in final negotiations to join the cast of Captain America 3. Several other fairly reliable news sources have also been posting to that effect.

Downey is already slated to appear in the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as the future Avengers 3. If the rumors are true, and Downey appears in Cap 3, this could possibly set up The Civil War comic story line to take place in Avengers 3.

The Civil War plot would pit Downey as Stark against Steve Rogers/Captain America (played by Chris Evans), as they feud over a law called the Superhero Registration Act. It requires anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities and agree to use their powers for good and help the police.

While Stark supports the SRA, Rogers doesn’t and sides are taken among the superheroes. Those who support Rogers’ side are forced to go into hiding to avoid being arrested.

Coincidentally, Marvel announced this week plans to reboot the Civil War comics in a tweet. This could introduce legions of new Marvel fans to the storyline, just in time for this possible Cap 3 dust-up between Captain America and Iron Man.

Downey, who was on an extensive press tour the last few weeks for his new film, The Judge, was asked constantly about the possibilities of an Iron Man 4, but hedged on giving a definite answer. On “Ellen DeGeneres,” he said there were talks happening, but refused to elaborate.

If this Cap 3 rumor is true, now we know why.

At this point it’s just a rumor, but I’d be excited to see Downey don the Iron Man suit again, especially since Stark is somewhat of the bad guy in the conflict. I mean, come on, who didn’t feel the sparks fly in that Avengers confrontation between Stark and Rogers? “C’mon put on the suit!” Imagine a whole movie of that.

Plus, The Civil War is definitely an ambitious story line that will play out over several movies, sparking many plot-lines, and giving opportunities for new characters to be brought to screen. Hopefully that will include Ms. Marvel.

And if this Civil War story line is true, it might also lend some credence to the rumors that Marvel is trying to buy back the Spiderman rights from Sony, as Spidey and his alter-ego Peter Parker figure heavily in the comic version. Unless this comic reboot is to write Spiderman out of the conflict.

What are your thoughts on this?

[images courtesy of Marvel]

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